Announcing our first SITES AP: Lisa Dugan

We are excited to announce that Lisa Dugan, landscape architect and founding principal, has achieved SITES AP certification.  This designation further demonstrates a commitment to sustainable landscape design and land development and the fundamentals of the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES). Sustainable landscapes are crucial to the success of the built environment and the health, safety, [...]

2017-12-29T17:05:09-05:00November 10th, 2017|News, Sustainable Landscapes|

EcoDistricts: a holistic approach to better neighborhoods

The EcoDistrict planning approach to the creation of better neighborhoods provides a flexible, holistic and rigorous framework for organizing and achieving policy, sustainability and investment goals.  We recently attended the EcoDistricts Foundation Training that was offered in nearby Millvale, PA -a community in the process of EcoDistrict certification.  The success of creating a certified EcoDistrict [...]

Green Infrastructure in Parks

As so many parks are a part of greater stream systems, parks can bring both recreational and ecological value to communities.  The concept of incorporating green infrastructure into parks in not an entirely new idea.  Since the 19th century, parks have incorporated ponds for both aesthetics and the creation of habitat and collection of water.  [...]

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