Ossipee Flats

UpStudio Landscapes is providing landscape architecture services as part of a design team led by Graves Design Group on the creation of an affordable housing infill development. The development provides opportunities for affordable housing and ADA accessible units in the Upper Hill district of Pittsburgh. The project site consists of twenty five (25) parcels which are beings assembled to create 24 new affordable three-bedroom apartment units, eight (8) of which will be accessible units.

The landscape integrates the new units within the existing neighborhood and hillside topog-raphy, providing new open space and enhancing neighborhood walkability. Furthermore, the units are situated within the site to maximize the landscape’s use in managing stormwater.
The design strives to integrate ADA accessibility into the existing sloped topography, pro-viding accessible routes and parking to ADA residential units. New community greenspace including landscaped front lawns and new street trees create a welcoming pedestrian realm. Additionally, new sidewalks connect to the surrounding neighborhood and create linkages to the former MLK Reading Room which is projected to be a community space and leasing office for the development.

Pittsburgh, PA