Uptown at Motor City

The landscape of UPtown at Motor City uses local materials and plants to achieve the detailing and garden style of the traditional English landscape. The site development of the large-scale community, comprised of 3,300 residential units on 140 acres, was guided by the landscape master plan. This landscape framework organized the opens spaces into distinct landscape zones including: gathering spaces, community open spaces, formal “jewel” gardens, signature residential and retail streetscapes, and five “backyard” community parks and pools.

The fluid forms and asymmetry of the “backyard” pools and parks mimic the rolling countryside and contrast the rigid formality of the “jewel” gardens and the repetition of the vehicular spaces and streetscapes. Drawing inspiration from the landscape of Bath, England, the gatehouses, wrought iron railings, large module paving, traditional lighting, sculptural elements, landscape structures, pavilions, and formal gardens are integrated throughout the site.

To facilitate pedestrian movement and wayfinding throughout the community, key landscape elements are located on the center-point axis of buildings, and the color and scale of the hardscape and planting elements reinforce a hierarchy of spaces from large scale, community gathering spaces to intimate, refined “Jewel” gardens. Our leadership completed work on this project while at Burt Hill.

Dubai, UAE