UpStudio Landscapes has experience working on projects both large and small ranging from intimate rooftop terraces to large scale developments. With an emphasis on detailing, planting composition, site planning and design, our strong foundation in landscape architecture complements the skill sets of our design partners.

  • Site analysis & planning
  • Site improvements & grading
  • Planting design & detailing
  • Hardscape design & detailing
  • Stormwater management
  • Site furnishings & lighting
  • Design reports & guidelines
  • Wayfinding


We design spaces for people. Plazas, squares, parks, and waterfronts, are all spaces that provide opportunities for human interactions, socialization, and enjoyment. These spaces need to provide for appropriate activities and uses that are comfortable, accessible, and social. We see public spaces as opportunities to revitalize communities, incorporate recreation and healthy living into everyday life, enhance ecological communities and manage stormwater.


As central corridors and spines through cities and towns, vibrant, well designed streetscapes enhance the community’s identity and character and become a destination. Streetscapes should function for all users and modes of transportation and should facilitate the connectivity between districts or neighborhoods. Our designs are shaped by complete streets design policies and balance creativity, functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.


We plan and design landscapes that can help manage stormwater, provide communities more access to green space, and are a creative solution to traditional infrastructure.  Green infrastructure uses landscape elements, like soils and vegetation, to manage urban stormwater at its source, diverting it from conventional sewer and stormwater collection systems.   By utilizing natural systems to filter, absorb, and infiltrate stormwater, landscapes can have a powerful impact on the quality of our environments.


The public realm of the campus reflects the institution’s mission, values, heritage, and innovative thinking. These campus spaces create memorable experiences and need to function for a multitude of users including prospective and current students, faculty, alumni, and community. We design spaces that integrate campus and sustainability planning, reflect the institution’s core values, reinforce its cohesive character, and celebrate its unique identity.


We enjoy the challenges that building on structure presents. Wind mitigation, structural load, planting depth, soil, utility, water needs, stormwater infiltration, and sunlight considerations all are critical components that inform the design. We help building occupants re-connect with their natural environment, and utilize their rooftop landscape as an outdoor amenity. We seek to create a seamless flow from the building interior to the landscape, selecting materials and details that integrate with the built form.


Healthy, viable communities respond to their surroundings and are designed to accommodate the needs of its residents. Our services begin in the planning phases, understanding community connectivity, needs, transportation linkages, ecology, local amenities, and context of the site. We design the landscape as a network of connected green spaces, streetscapes and parks that encourage walking and biking and create opportunities for socializing and recreation.


Our commercial landscape designs range from hotels and hospitals to mixed-use and retail developments. The landscape and site elements should convey and reinforce a client’s brand or image. We help our clients optimize their site’s potential with recommendations that are responsible and sustainable, enhance the experience of the guest, contribute to improved patient health and encourage shoppers to maximize their stay.