Forbes Tower Atrium Roof Terrace

UpStudio Landscapes worked with the University of Pittsburgh Office of Facilities Management and the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) to upgrade an existing roof terrace courtyard which was underutilized by SHRS faculty and students.

The roof terrace is located in the central courtyard space of Forbes Tower and is surrounded by the SHRS student lounge, classrooms and conference rooms.  The SHRS faculty was greatly interested in increasing the programming of the space and adding large planters throughout the courtyard where the students can plant and maintain edible landscapes as part of the SHRS curriculum.  UpStudio performed light meter studies in the atrium space and charted the foot candles of natural daylight that specific locations in the courtyard received over the course of time.  This information was used to determine the optimal locations for planters to grow edible landscapes.

The new courtyard design upgrades the existing amenities, and paving and includes: new seating,  lighting, planters, a greenhouse and worktable for use by the SHRS faculty and students.

The design accommodates both programmed planting areas and flexible seating spaces that can be utilized as an outdoor classroom and includes ADA accessible seating, and two different planter heights to accommodate all users.

Pittsburgh, PA