Duquesne University Institutional Master Plan

As part of the project team lead by WTW Architects, UpStudio Landscapes assisted Duquesne University with updating the Institutional Master Plan (IMP) as required by the City of Pittsburgh.  Following the Department of City Planning’s IMP Best Practices guide, UpStudio worked with Duquesne University to develop aspirational targets for the performance of campus green infrastructure and landscape projects and identify opportunities to enhance the existing campus tree canopy.

UpStudio’s work contributed to campus environmental protection goals and addressed sustainable landscape and green infrastructure benefits, integrating these efforts with the University’s current academic programming.  Additionally, UpStudio outlined sustainable landscape design principles and created sustainable landscape design guidelines for Duquesne University’s campus.

It was also a priority of the University to protect the campus tree collection and where possible enhance the extent of the existing canopy by the planting of additional trees.  UpStudio coordinated with Gateway Engineers, who prepared GIS campus existing tree surveys and mapping, and used this information as a basis for identifying potential areas on campus where the tree canopy could be increased while maintaining the functionality of the campus lawns and open spaces.

Pittsburgh, PA