The City of Pittsburgh has selected the E-Holdings team, which includes Michael Baker International and UpStudio, to develop a Community Visioning Study with the Department of City Planning and the East Hills and Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar communities.  UpStudio joins the team to provide urban design and landscape architecture  services.

The visioning study will provide a platform for the communities in Council District 9 and residents to express the kind of future their neighborhoods want- including their goals, objectives and values.  Residents will be given the opportunity to discuss how they would like their community to look and feel within the next five to ten years.  Through this process a mutually agreed upon Vision is created and is a shared image of what members want their community to become.  The Vision will reflect what the community members value most about their neighborhoods and inspire them to work collaboratively to achieve the Vision.  Join a stakeholder group or post your story at Engage Pittsburgh for the East Hills or Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar communities.