We are excited to announce that Lisa Dugan, landscape architect and founding principal, has achieved SITES AP certification.  This designation further demonstrates a commitment to sustainable landscape design and land development and the fundamentals of the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES).

Sustainable landscapes are crucial to the success of the built environment and the health, safety, welfare, and resiliency of our communities and ecological systems. The Sustainable Sites Initiative is a sustainability focused framework/Rating System that is performance rather than prescription based, and seeks to shift land design and development towards practices that protect enhance and restore ecological systems.

The primary goals of SITES are:

  1. Create Regenerative Systems and Foster Resiliency
  2. Ensure Future Resource Supply and Mitigate Climate Change
  3. Transform the Market through Design, Development, and Maintenance Practices
  4. Enhance Human Well-Being and Strengthen Community

For projects, SITES certification is based on a point rating system which determines the certification level from SITES Certified to SITES Platinum, reflecting the project’s potential to improve site sustainability, protect and restore natural systems.

For additional reading about the Sustainable Sites Initiative visit www.sustainablesites.org.  See also Sustainability to learn more about our commitment to designing sustainable landscapes.