University of Pittsburgh Pennant Place Streetscape Improvements

With the brand-new, high profile Schenley Plaza project located across the street it was equally important for the University of Pittsburgh to address and define its campus edge along the Hillman Library and facilitate access to the library’s new entrance. The streetscape improvements complement the new Schenley Plaza design, create a pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment, and celebrate the cultural significance of the University of Pittsburgh.

The streetscape improvements define the campus edge along Pennant Place and reinforce the interface between the University of Pittsburgh’s academic environment and the public realm. Shaded seating areas, bicycle parking facilities and large planting areas provide for a pedestrian friendly atmosphere and create a sense of entry and arrival for the Hillman Library.

London Plane Trees define the street edge, while ornamental Serviceberry trees flank the walls of the Hillman Library entrance. Existing granite cobbles and brick walls of local historic significance are carefully salvaged and reintegrated into the streetscape. The site elements, piers, wrought-iron railings, and site furnishings integrate with those found throughout the University of Pittsburgh campus and reinforce the University’s cohesive identity. Our leadership completed work on this project while at LaQuatra Bonci Associates.

Pittsburgh, PA