Assumption Commons Accessibility Studies

With significant grade change across the expanse of its campus, UpStudio Landscapes worked with Duquesne University to address accessibility at the central open space of Assumption Commons.  The large open lawn area is flanked on all sides by residential towers, with St. Martin Hall at upper levels, the commons at the middle level and parking and St. Ann and Vickroy Halls at the lower level.

Currently steps serve as the key link between different levels and the most accessible route is lengthy and indirect.  UpStudio Landscapes developed several design and grading options which created an ADA accessible route that spans the terraced landscape and maintained and preserved as much of the open lawns of Assumption Commons as possible.  Design studies were done in plan and 3D to explore the best fit for an accessible route within the existing campus framework.  The selected route preserves the lawn areas, efficiently connects users to upper and lower level residence halls and locates new accessible parking along this accessible path.

Pittsburgh, PA