The Bike Station

UpStudio Landscapes collaborated with AE7 to create a vibrant destination for cycling and jogging enthusiasts along an existing 25-mile cycle track.  The project promotes a healthy lifestyle and integrates the dynamic movement of the cyclist through the landscape and building structure.

In contrast to the angular building forms, the landscape draws on sinuous curves and sweeping lines, mimicking the speed of the cyclist moving through the landscape.  Additional bike paths and trails were developed on the site and contribute to a greater bicycle network.  A comprehensive wayfinding strategy was also designed and includes cyclist signage markers and maps to establish identity of the trail, show recommended routes, mark distances, highlight destinations and emphasize the Bike Station as a unique amenity.

Central landscape islands incorporate green infrastructure strategies, using site grading and vegetated bio-swales to perform as a natural drainage system for the parking lot.  Walkways are integrated within these landscaped bio-swales to enrich the visitor’s experience and facilitate pedestrian access to the building and plaza spaces.

Dubai, UAE