Beach Hotel

The Beach Hotel is a 278 room five-star hotel, featuring serviced apartments, private villas and ballroom facilities, designed by AE7. UpStudio Landscapes collaborated with AE7 to design the entry motor court and gateway, ground level terraced infinity pools, and rooftop gardens for the hotel rooms, club level pool terrace, restaurant terrace and luxury penthouse terrace and pool. The hotel features a main tower and is flanked by two building wings with rooftop gardens that cascade down towards the beach to provide optimal ocean views, and soften the crisp building geometries.

Working with the architecture and interior design teams, the landscape is designed as extension of the hotel, and pool and rooftop garden spaces as a series of outdoor rooms. The landscape incorporates a refined palette of high quality materials, metallic accents, rectilinear forms, and cool hues which reflect the hotel image and character.

The landscape design emphasizes the expansive ocean views. The reflecting pools at the hotel lobby appear to cascade into a series of large terraced swimming pools that terminate in a hotel pool on the beach. An allée of palm trees defines the pool lounge and cabana area and frame ocean views.

Dubai, UAE