Canal Point Hospital

The Canal Point Hospital is at the heart of a 20-acre mixed use development where health and healing are the catalyst for the project planning, branding and design. A sanctuary of serenity, the hospital building and landscape are influenced by Thai design principles which are symbolic of wellness. The gardens and rooftop terraces are centered around contemplative spaces that extend healing from the building interior to the exterior environment.

Water is a key design element that is woven throughout the landscape of the ground floor and four rooftop terraces. Soft glowing lights that mimic candles floating in water, plush lounge furniture, herbal aromatherapy, lush, verdant gardens, and the soothing sounds of water features welcome hospital visitors and patients and provide places of serenity and rejuvenation.

Through the use of rich Thai detailing, carved wood accents, “floating” walkways, abundant water features and lush greenery, the gardens and terraces of the hospital re-connect the visitor with the natural world and elicit a sense of well-being and healing. Our leadership completed work on this project while at Burt Hill.

2006 Pennsylvania-Delaware ASLA Honor Award for the Canal Point Master Plan