Robert Morris University Track & Athletic Fields

Spurred by Robert Morris University’s growth and need for expansion of its athletic facilities, the northern tip of the once named “Ohio River Park Superfund Site” was transformed into athletic facilities for the track & field and lacrosse teams. Located in the middle of the Ohio River on Neville Island, the grounds were originally a disposal site for a municipal landfill and chemical and industrial waste. Years prior to the project, the site was remediated and a multi-layer cap was installed under what are now the outdoor running track and practice fields.

Located adjacent to the golf dome and Island Sports Center multi-purpose recreation facility, the track and athletic fields are now a part of the region’s premier sports and recreation destination. During off-peak hours, the track facility is also well used by residents. Additional site improvements include spectator seating, players’ benches and scoreboard, and facilities for the shot put, pole vault, water jump, hammer & discuss throw, and triple jump.

The design of the facilities took great care to leave the underlying multi-layer and erosion caps undisturbed and accommodate several existing site monitoring/control features all of which required protection during construction. Our leadership completed work on this project while at LaQuatra Bonci Associates.

Neville Township, PA