Deira Streetscape

UpStudio Landscapes collaborated with AE7 to design the overall streetscape and landscape concept for the signature primary roads, secondary connector roads and promenades for the Deira community. The designs create a hierarchy of street types, create a safer, more pedestrian friendly environment, enhance pedestrian and bicycle circulation, and incorporate wayfinding strategies to facilitate movement through the community and increase use of public transit.

Each road type is defined by a distinct palette of hardscape materials, plantings and site furnishings that help orient pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers as they navigate through the community. Signalized intersections incorporate specialty wayfinding and signage, paving and plantings to make circulation clear, functional, and safe.

The signature roads are the routes of primary vehicular and mass transit circulation and are designed as landscape boulevards with densely planted medians and signature roadway lighting. The tree-lined two lane connector roads, create a welcoming pedestrian environment, incorporating double rows of trees and textured, specialty paving to identify crosswalks and slow traffic. The smaller scale of the promenade streetscape (with one travel lane in each direction) incorporates landscape ‘bump-outs’ in the street parking, specialty paving and planting at pedestrian crossings and a separated bike lane that ties into a community bike trail network.

Dubai, UAE