April is world landscape architecture month, an international celebration of landscape architecture.  To help introduce the public to the profession, ASLA is asking members to share images of landscape-architect designed spaces with the tag “this is landscape architecture.”  Here in Pittsburgh, we have to wait until almost the end of the month for more “green” picture worthy moments.  Maybe landscape architects in more northern states could contribute photographic landscapes when spring is in full bloom (in Pittsburgh this is more likely to happen in May).

In the meantime,  our contribution to this photography collective, is found by a walk along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.   The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is great example of how Pittsburgh’s landscapes and riverfronts continue to evolve over time, directly connecting people to the water, repairing and enhancing the environment and activating the riverfront.

While the images show that the park has not yet reached it’s full, vibrant state they do reveal the transformative effects of landscape architecture and how the profession can effectively shape the vision of the City. Check out more pictures of landscape architect designed spaces at  http://bit.ly/2pQzn4U